My journey as a photographer has been an interesting one.  At an early age, I dreamed of becoming a filmmaker so I bought my first professional camcorder while I was in high school.  Yet an opportunity for a “free” education somehow led me to Engineering.  Follow your dreams, right?  Nah.  Working a 9-5 for a manufacturing company allowed me to focus on photography in my free time, solely as a creative outlet which eventually turned into freelancing opportunities as a portrait and music photographer.  Those opportunities gave birth to Shutterhead (est. 2005) as a brand for my work.  That work led to an opportunity to become a creative director and professional photographer for a philanthropic fashion company.  While that time was an incredible journey of travel and opportunities to impact people's lives around the world, the creativity was hindered by the organization’s goals and eventually burnt me out.  From there, I shifted directions, some would say 180 degrees, and pursued the technical side of my brain as a Product Owner for a national bank, managing the development of trading software.

All that said, the creative juices never stop flowing.  I pick up a camera every day.  I take a camera with me everywhere I go and look for inspiration in everything.  So here I find myself, again in a season of life, needing to put that creativity to good use.

I have always been known as a photographer that finds beauty in the “ordinary”.  So that's what I'm leaning into again.  This time with my wife and partner in crime, Pam who not only believes in my talents and encourages me to use them, but also brings an unmatchable attention to detail and her own, unique creative wizardry.  We are awesome together and I am so grateful for her partnership and desire to be a part of this journey with me.

So, Shutterhead has gotten a facelift and my work is taking on a new direction.  Look around and enjoy what's here.  If you like what you see and are in need of a photographer to bring you, your family, your business, or ideas to life, let's connect and create beautiful images together.

God bless.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart”

- Colossians 3:23

Jason Soto Spring 2023 by Vaughn

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