jason soto

I’ve never really written an about page that made any kind of sense. Is an about page supposed to be about me, about my site, about what I do? So here I am again. What about? But I’ve decided to finally move beyond that questions and just do it. Perhaps I’ll start with me. I’m Jason Soto, a little kid at heart who takes everything serious enough to want to grow in some way. Declaration #1 - I am sort of a silent dreamer, never really saying to the world, I can do this or that, I can be this or that, I just mull it over in my head and give it whirl. Failure is as common as success. And that’s why you’re here, because a few of those dreams happen to be photography, being creative and telling stories - some of my successes. But I’ve had a website up and have blogged before. Usually lasting a few months and a half dozen posts about what I plan on doing as opposed to using the blog to share what I do. Kind of what I’m doing now. Declaration #2 - This site will survive and it will live an organic life. So stick around and watch us grow. If you are because you want to hire me. No worries. I’m really good at, and have mastered the delivery of quality work to clients. I’m just not a good client to myself - and that was a joke, lol.